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Watch a Time-Lapse of Every Storm That Hit the East Coast This Winter

Watch the clouds roll serenely over the East Coast in this new time-lapse and you might almost forget how bitterly cold and snowy it was.

The video, released yesterday by NASA and NOAA, uses data from the GOES-East satellite to track the movement of winter storms from Jan. 1 to Mar. 24, just after the equinox and official start of spring. It contains a recording of every icy blizzard to dump ton after ton of snow on the U.S. Midwest and Eastern Seaboard. Though news headlines were dominated by events like the polar vortex, the winter wasn’t actually much colder than average when taking a long-term view of the whole country (we managed to help balance things out with an unusually warm, dry winter here in California). That’s little comfort for those who lived through these storms. But the winter, which included this hilariously comprehensive weather forecast, spawned at least one reason to celebrate: It’s (almost) over.

Video: NASA/Youtube